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Sports Medicine Infrastructure in Chennai

Sports medicine specialists help to identify, diagnose, and treat patients with minor and major injuries that may arise due to physical activities or sports. Sports medicine specialists prevent and treat injuries and conditions including osteoporosis and tendonitis. They focus on a patient’s physical health, and help them remain physically active.

Chennai’s healthcare infrastructure comprises a number of government and private hospitals with highly experienced and dedicated sports medicine specialists. The hospitals here are well-equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities to identify and treat sports injuries. Various government hospitals across the city offer modern and economical treatment and are committed to helping improve a patient’s health.

Book an appointment with the best sports medicine specialists in Chennai through MFine.

How to find a good sports medicine specialist in Chennai?

Chennai is a metro city with good availability of sports medicine specialists across all areas. To find a good sports medicine specialist in Chennai, you can rely on MFine. We help you connect with the top sports medicine specialists in your city.

Step 1: Set your location as Chennai

Step 2: Search for sports medicine specialist

Step 3: You can set the filters based on experience, language, location, availability, gender, and hospital.

Step 4: You can also sort by earliest availability, nearest location, and most experienced sports medicine specialist

How to choose a sports medicine specialist?

On the MFine app, you can connect with the best sports medicine specialist nearby for all sports medicine-related problems or conditions. You can choose a sports medicine specialist for yourself based on the doctor’s years of experience, preferred language, gender, and availability.

How to book an online consultation with a sports medicine specialist on MFine?

To book an online consultation,

  • Select the sports medicine specialist
  • Add patient details like name, gender, and age
  • Start your consultation

You can also download the MFine app and avail of consultation on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of sports medicine consultation in Chennai?

The average cost of sports medicine consultation in Chennai is INR 500. The cost might vary based on the severity of your condition. 

Should I go to the sports medicine specialist during Covid?

While the cases are currently in control in Chennai, you can avoid the risk by opting for an online consultation. If you need to visit the sports medicine specialist in person, wear a mask, maintain social distance and use a hand sanitizer frequently during your commute. 

Can I book an instant online consultation with a Sports Medicine Doctor in Chennai?

Yes, you can book an instant online consultation with a sports medicine specialist in Chennai through MFine. You can sort by earliest availability and connect with the sports medicine specialist immediately. You will be asked a few preliminary questions based on your condition before the consultation. 

Can I book a follow-up consultation with the same sports medicine specialist in Chennai?

Yes, you can book a follow-up consultation. Further, if your previous case is closed, you will get the option 'Consult again.' 

Step 1: Go to Health files > My consultations

Step 2: Check the closed case 

Step 3: Select the option of ‘Consult Again’ 

How to prepare for a video consultation with a sports medicine specialist?

Before you begin the consultation session, make sure to sit in a place that is quiet. The room must have bright lighting and a stable internet connection. Since the consultation will be between a specialist and you, we recommend that you are seated in a comfortable position in front of the camera. Make sure there is enough light and that the surrounding area is quiet. 

How can I download the prescription shared by my sports medicine specialist?

Follow these steps to download the prescription shared by your sports medicine specialist:

Step 1: Go to My consultations

Step 2: Open the Case

Step 3: Click on the prescription

Step 4: Click on Download PDF.

How to select a good sports medicine specialist?

Sports medicine specialists treat heavy physical conditions and injuries. Select a good sports medicine specialist based on their experience, and reviews. 

What are some common injuries that a sports medicine specialist treats?

The most common injuries that a sports medicine specialist treats include rotator cuff tear, ankle sprains, and stress fractures. 

What should I expect from a sports medicine consultation?

A sports medicine specialist will understand your physical activity routine, diet, and injury/ condition to come up with a proper treatment plan which ensures favorable outcomes. They may ask you questions to assess your condition and the nature of your injuries. You can book an appointment with a renowned sports medicine doctor in Chennai using MFine.

What technology do sports medicine specialists use?

Medical imaging is frequently utilized to determine the full extent of sports-related or limb-related injuries. To provide the most thorough assessment of how to manage and treat these injuries, sports medicine doctors rely on the best of technologies. One of the most prevalent methods for examining sports-related injuries is an MRI. 

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