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Hair Loss: All you need to know


Alopecia or baldness is the excessive loss of hair usually from the head or from other parts of the body.

In the Indian subcontinent, males are believed to have hair loss at the age of 40 although it has been learned that the condition can begin at 30yrs of age. [1]

Anyone can experience hair loss. However, the reason and intensity are different in men, women, and children.
⁃ It can be a gradual thinning or sudden loss of chunks of hair.
⁃ Medical help can be sought in case of unusual and excessive hair loss and also if it causes distress
⁃ It is self-diagnosable.

Hair loss can be attributed to various reasons like hereditary, hormonal fluctuations, the side effect of medication or radiation, stress etc. Every human being losses hair on a daily basis. However, it becomes an issue when the hair doesn’t grow back and the follicle is damaged. This damage can be temporary or permanent.

Ages affected - Men, women, and children can experience hair loss. However, it mostly affects men and in worst cases, it can start at adolescence.



The individual notices thinning of hair on the crown, bald patches on the scalp or a sudden loss of all body hair.
People may experience
Thinning of hair - Starts above the forehead.
Patchiness - Hair loss in circular patches around the head or in other parts.
Hair fall out - Large chunks of hair come off the scalp especially noticed while combing.
Hair breakage - Sections of the head have broken hair.
Total body hair loss - Usually a result of some medical treatment.

Self Care: Stress can be a cause for hair loss. Therefore reducing stress levels can help. Avoiding chemical and heat treatments helps maintain the health of the hair. Good hair care involves avoiding harsh brushing, pulling or twisting. Maintaining a healthy diet with exercise is also important.

Medication: Pattern baldness cannot be treated or reversed. However, the process can be slowed down using medicines. There are some OTC medicines topical creams that have been helpful in some cases.

Specialists: Hair loss can be due to some unidentified medical conditions. In all such cases, it is good to consult a specialist. At mfine, we believe in a wholesome approach to medical solutions. Join us to make your life easier.

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