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Empyema Thoracis can cause severe complications.


Empyema Thoracis,also known as Pyothorax or Purulent Pleuritis, is a condition in which pus gathers in the pleural space.

Empyema thoracis is associated with high mortality ranging between 6% to 24%. [1]

-Treatable by a Medical Professional
-Lab Imaging or Diagnosis required
-Short term : Resolves within a few days or weeks

The area between the lungs and the inner surface of the chest wall is called pleural space. Puss, which is a liquid containing bacteria and dead cells, can’t be coughed out when accumulated in the pleural space. It generally develops after pneumonia.


Empyema may either be simple or complex.
Simple Empyema (Early Stage) symptoms are

- Shortness of Breath
- Dry Cough
- Fever
- Sweating
- Chest pain
- Headache
- Confusion
- Loss of Appetite
Complex Empyema symptoms are
- Loculation (Formation of scar tissue which divides the chest cavity into smaller cavity)
- Difficulty breathing
- Decreased breath sound
- Weight loss

Can lead to severe complications like Sepsis or Collapsed Lung, which requires immediate emergency hospital intervention.


Treatment involves treating the underlying infection and removal of pus from the pleural space.
- Medications involve antibiotics to counter the specific type of bacterial strain responsible.
- In initial stages of Empyema, a needle is inserted in the pleural space to drain the fluid. This process is called percutaneous thoracentesis.
- In later stages, surgical intervention is required, different procedures are used in conjunction with a drainage tube, for removal of pus.

Prompt action is the key to treating Empyema. If treatment is not sought on time, it may even lead to mortality. Consult our doctors at mfine for the best advice regarding any underlying medical issues at any stage of treatment.

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