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Pleurisy : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


A sharp pain in your pleura(the tissues that line your lung and chest wall) is called pleurisy.

About 13 percent of all emergency room (ER) visits for chest pain result in a diagnosis of a serious heart-related problem.(1)

-Medical diagnosis required
-Treated by a medical professional
-Short term, usually resolves within days or weeks.

It can be caused due to a variety of underlying issues like infection, autoimmune disorders, rib fracture and certain inherited diseases. This results in the Pleura becoming irritated and inflamed.


- A sharp, stabbing pain which worsens when you breathe, cough or sneeze
- Headaches
- Joint Pain
- Fever
- Shortness of Breath
- Muscle ache, loss of appetite and chills

It can be accompanied with fluid build up in your lungs which is known as pleural effusion.

Seek immediate medical attention in case of other symptoms like shortness of breath. If other symptoms are present then it may be a sign of an underlying disease, the cause specific medical and surgical intervention may help in effective treatment.


It includes
- Antibiotics for treating the infection
- Anti inflammatory non-steroidal drugs for pain relief like Aspirin, Ibuprofen etc
- Prescription cough and pain medicine like Codeine
- Medications to break down accumulated pus or mucus
- Bronchodilators to relieve breathing
If pleural effusion is also present, then may require surgical intervention using a drain tube to remove all the accumulated fluid in the lungs and chest cavity adequately.

Pleuritic pain can be effectively treated with timely intervention. In case of symptoms like difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical intervention. Our doctors at mfine help you address all your medical issues in a professional manner for your overall health and well being.

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