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What is Bronchoscopy?


Bronchoscopy is a method in which the doctors examine the lungs and passages of a patient for air transfer. The procedure involves passing a thin tube called bronchoscope through the nose or the mouth to the lungs via the throat.
Bronchoscopy is employed to elicit mucus or tissue samples or removing impediments or other substances from the air passages or lungs.

When is Bronchoscopy recommended?

As the doctor is able to examine the lungs and airways of a patient clearly, bronchoscopy is employed to add credibility to a doctor’s diagnosis of a patient’s respiratory ailments, e.g., a chronic cough, a lung tumor, chest pain, etc.
It can also be used to remove exiguous unwanted substances from the lungs, to supply medication to certain parts of the lungs, etc.

Preparing for Bronchoscopy

As far as the procedure is concerned, the patient is expected to fast for about 8 hours before the examination. In fact, the patient is not even allowed to consume any medicines before the test. During the examination, the doctor inserts the bronchoscope through the nose or the mouth straight up to the bronchi present in the lungs air passages.
Once the device is fixed there, it may serve various purposes. For instance, collecting samples for future analysis, or inspecting the lungs for any abnormal activity or tumor, delivering medication etc.
After the doctor is through with their observations, they slowly pull back the bronchoscope out.
Understanding Bronchoscopy results

Depending on the reason for which the bronchoscope was used, the results may vary. If some medicine was delivered to the lungs, the doctor might discuss its effects a few days after the operation, with the patient.
In most cases, the doctor discusses the results with the patient a few days after the procedure was performed, and depending on the outcome; they may suggest further tests or some medication to cure the patient completely.

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