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A pediatrician is that branch of medicine which deals with the medical care of infants and children. Pediatricians manage the health of your child including mental and physical health issues. They are highly skilled and well qualified to understand the health complications of your child. mfine makes it easier for you by providing a list of best pediatricians in Mumbai. It is an online portal which helps you in choosing the best pediatrician near you where you can check the doctor’s qualification and experience and make online consultations.

What Do Pediatricians Cover?

Pediatricians are specially trained in children’s health. Therefore they are able to detect your child’s health problems in just a few minutes. Infants cannot talk therefore pediatricians trust physical examination of the baby to detect their health issues. Pediatricians also look after your child’s nutritional and fitness needs and help your child attain the perfect height and weight with brain development. Pediatricians in Mumbai are skilled in diagnosing accurately your child’s health and in providing treatment and prevention at a primary level.

What Pediatricians At mfine Cover:

  • Child Vaccination: Pediatricians recommend vaccination for children because it is the best way to protect them from harmful diseases like chicken pox, measles, whooping cough and others.
  • Infections And Injuries: Pediatricians diagnose and treat your child’s cough, cold, throat pain and infections and other health problems. Children’s immune systems are weak and therefore they need extra protection. With ever-changing climatic conditions viruses and bacteria grow at their free will. Children need protection from all this. Pediatricians are experts at detecting viral fevers and any other kind of infections and health issues that your child is suffering from.
  • Vomiting And Stomach Ache: Children sometimes forget the golden rule of washing hands before eating. Therefore all the viruses and bacteria enter the body through hands. Every day thousands of children suffer from stomach ache and vomiting because of a stomach infection.
  • Respiratory Diseases:  A child’s immune system is very weak and therefore outside pollution has an effect on a child’s health. Therefore sometimes they suffer from asthma, pneumonia, allergies when they go out in any polluted environment or due to some allergic object.
  • Muscular Weakness and Joint Pains: Children love playing outside. But sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances, they get hurt like fracture or bone dislocation and sometimes muscle cramps. Pediatricians are skilled at handling all these situations, helping them in returning back to their daily activities after primary treatment.

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