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Every neonate is diligently checked at birth for complications which is followed by a complete physical checkup.
Newborns will lose weight in the days following delivery, its nothing to worry about. [3]

-- Lab tests or imaging often required
-- Treatable by a medical professional

Assessment may include Apgar scoring, checking the vital signs (breathing rate and temperature), general appearance, face, mouth, lungs etc. Gestational assessment and neuromuscular maturity should also be checked.
Ages affected 0 Predominant; 1 and above Very rare


Self diagnosable
Malignant symptoms include grunting breathing, turning blue or pale, any skin rashes, etc., all of which are reasons to rush to the child specialist.

People may experience
Fever body temperature unusually hot or cold
Bleeding from the nose
Loss of appetite refusing feeds, or vomiting up feeds


Self Care:
If the neonate has apnea or heart rate < 100 provide positive pressure ventilation

1) If the neonate is breathing with heart rate > 100 but is cyanotic give supplemental oxygen and then provide positive pressure ventilation
2) If 30 seconds of ventilation followed by 30 seconds of compressions doesnt work immediately rush to the intensive care unit.

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