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Neonatal Conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis


Neonatal conjunctivitis is a conjunctival inflammation caused in the early stages immediately after birth.
Dacryocystitis is an eye infection specifically in the tear sac in the inner corner of the eye and can occur in a person of any age. Neonatal conjunctivitis is like Dacryocystitis in infants with look-alike symptoms.

In infants, this is caused by passing of bacteria (acquired from an STD, chlamydia) from the mother to her baby. [1]

- Treated by a medical professional
- Lab tests or imaging is required
- Common in both male and female


Both health conditions have common symptoms. In dacryocystitis, the symptoms being:
- Painful eyes
- Swelling in the eyes
- Redness of the eyes
- Watery eyes
- Fever
- A pus-like substance in the corner of the eye
In Neonatal conjunctivitis, a swelling on the eyelids is observed along with redness and swelling.


Try applying warm compresses on eyes for pain relief.

Medical or Surgical Intervention:
This can be treated using antibiotics. You can also use prescribed eye drops or ointment.

After the infection goes away, a surgical procedure called dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is taken up to clear the blocked duct.
In Neonatal conjunctivitis, the tear duct in the newborn is cleared before the age of one otherwise surgery may be required.
Oral antibiotics are taken.
In Neonatal conjunctivitis, depending on the underlying cause, the baby is treated.

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