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Infants and babies have delicate skin. They develop skin infections and rashes if you don’t maintain hygiene. Kids who wear diapers for long get skin inflammation. The skin turns red and burns. You need the medical expertise of a pediatrician to attain proper diaper rash treatment. The infection takes place due to germ buildup.

Diaper Rash Symptoms

Skin redness – The first symptom is redness of the skin. One must take preventive measures as soon as possible.

Burning and itching – Children who have diaper rash often experience bad mood. The infected area burns and itches. These are two common diaper rash symptoms you need to watch.

Rashes and blisters – With time, a smile diaper rash will pave the way for blisters and rashness.

Severe infection – If you don’t see a pediatrician in time, these simple rashes will take a nasty turn. Once infections sets, the child will suffer from a lot of pain.

Diaper Rash Causes

Abrasion with a diaper – The soft and sensitive skin can rub continually against the diaper sheet and develop these rashes.

Contact with germs – Continued contact with feces and urine also feature on the list of diaper rash causes. You must replace a soiled diaper immediately.

Antibiotic side effects – Children may not be able to tolerate some antibiotics. Diaper rashes are a direct outcome of this side-effect.

Skin allergies – Food or other products can cause allergies on the skin. Using a diaper will aggravate the rashes. A good pediatrician will be able to offer relief from this condition.

Diagnosing Diaper Rash

A diaper rash specialist will be able to diagnose the seriousness of the infection with a physical examination. Only proper diagnosis will help the experts to prescribe the right ointments.

Other Disorders And Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a rather simple ailment and cures quickly. But lack of timely medical care can develop nasty skin infections. These infections can leave a permanent scar on your skin.

Treating Diaper Rash

The pediatrician will inspect the infected area and prescribe topical ointments. These ointments will kill germs and reduce swelling. Apart from this, the experts will also impart preventive tips to new parents.

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