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Infants have a sensitive immunity that is in the process of development. They are more prone to diseases and infections. But some infants cry excessively for no concrete reason. These infants are generally healthy and possess a lot of energy. The condition of excessive crying is known as colic. Colic is typical for the first four to five months. Only a reputed pediatrician can offer relief to your infant.

Colic Symptoms

Here are some common colic symptoms, which will assist parents to detect the condition quickly:

Intense crying – The infant continues to cry for long hours without stopping. No matter what the parents do, they will fail to prevent the child from crying.

Lack of physical discomfort – A pediatrician suggests that infants cry when they are in some kind of physical pain. If a healthy and disease-free child cries incessantly, then you need to consider colic treatment.

Irregular sleep cycle – A child who suffers from colic issues will have irregular sleeping patterns. It will irritate the child even more.

Irregular feeding pattern – If your child has colic issues, then you will find it difficult to set a fixed feeding pattern. Crying bouts will hinder the feeding process.

Colic Causes

Child specialists don’t know much about the particular colic causes. As infants can express their problem in words, pediatricians prescribe medications based on assumptions. But common reasons are:

Stomach infections – Stomach infections are another primary cause of colic problems. Persistent tummy aches can make your child irritated

Food allergies – Food allergies are common among babies. These allergies cause internal infections, which lead to long spells of crying.

Lactose intolerance – A pediatrician may suggest a test to ensure that the child is not lactose intolerant. Some kids cannot digest milk, and this gives rise to crying bouts.

Mother’s faulty lifestyle choices – Studies suggest that infants whose mothers smoked during pregnancy will show signs of a colic disorder.

Diagnosing Colic

Colic is easily curable. You need the help of proper medical experts who can detect the main cause. Here, mfine will come to your rescue. Adequate blood and stool tests and some physical examinations are all that you need.

Other Disorders and Colic

Colic only lasts for the first few months. Only a reputed colic specialist will be able to prescribe necessary medicines to offer relief from pain and irritation. A child can develop respiratory or heart trouble if you don’t treat colic in time.

Treating Colic

A good pediatrician can fight colic with relative ease. The experts also suggest elimination of cow milk to keep allergies at bay. Simethicone drops will also help to release wind from the infant’s stomach.

If you want information about good colic doctors near you, then mfine offers a long list of accomplished experts. Apart from medication, they also provide the necessary tips.

Booking an online appointment is rather easy with the mfine platform.

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