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A pustule due to BCG Vaccination


Reaction to the BCG vaccine given to children. May even lead to developing a scar.
- Common condition/side effect
- Need not to have medical attention
- The result of BCG Vaccination
- Can occur to anyone

A widely common situation which comes aftermath of taking BCG vaccine to most of the children. Generally appears after 1-3 weeks and lasts up to 8 weeks. The scar may be left in the area in some cases. [1]

Ages affected Can affect anyone after BCG vaccination done in children


Self diagnosable
A common condition which can be self-diagnosed and does not need medical attention until allergic effects which are rare.

People may experience
A pustule blister kind of a pustule at the site of injection
Swelling redness and swelling at the site
Pain pain at the site of injection


Self-Care: It is required not to cover the area of injection as the air will help heal the condition. any skin reaction will be healed with itself in a few weeks.

Medications and Advice: The condition requires medical attention only if allergic reactions arise in rare cases. In case of such reaction, a medical professional will advise appropriate action for the situation.

Specialists: Any case of such symptoms can be reported to the health care provider. At mfine, we are here to help you with providing holistic and total health program.

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