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Allergic Contact Dermatitis is the result of allergic reactions. Your skin is sensitive. When it comes in contact with foreign substances, this infection develops. You can get in touch with a dermatologist or a general physician to attain allergic contact dermatitis treatment.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis Symptoms

Dry and scaly skin – The texture of your skin will also change. Dry, flaky, and crusty skin are other allergic contact dermatitis symptoms.

Blisters and bumps – As the infection progresses, your skin will have bumps. These will later turn into blisters.

Swelling – Your skin will swell up, if you don’t take proper medicines.

Burning sensation – Patients often complain of a burning sensation. It will increase as the infection spreads.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis Causes

Exposure to irritants – Some people have are not tolerant to certain things. Skin allergy is an evident outcome, if they come in contact with foreign substances.

Chemicals – Sometimes, skin contact with chemicals also start this infection. Perfumes also come under the allergic contact dermatitis causes list.

Contact with poisonous plants – Toxic plants can trigger allergic contact dermatitis. Plants like poison ivy, and poison oaks will react with your skin to start this infection.

Diagnosing Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Any allergic contact dermatitis specialist on mfine will diagnose the infection via the symptoms. A quick blood test will highlight if you have any substance allergy. Once the experts, listed on mfine analyze these reports, they will start your treatment.

Other Disorders and Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic Contact Dermatitis is common among people with scalp infection. Without treatment, it will give way for serious skin infections. The infected skin flakes may get into your eyes, and cause eye infections.

Treating Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Any dermatologist will ask you not to scratch the infected area. The doctors, listed on mfine, prescribe topical ointments to reduce the itch. Some skin gels also come in handy to reduce the burning sensation.

Find Allergic Contact Dermatitis Specialists at mfine

mfine is a platform that offers information about allergic contact dermatitis doctors near you. Doctors can open their professional profiles here. mfine offers details about their qualification, and experience.

If you desire relief from this skin infection, get an online appointment via mfine today.

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