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Trigger thumb


In this condition, one of the fingers gets stuck in a bent position. It may bend or straighten with a snap.
It is common in people between 40 and 60 years of age. [1]

- Occurs with inflammation
- The condition is more pronounced in the morning time
- In severe cases, the finger can become locked in a bent position
- When it affects the thumb, it is called trigger thumb
- Medical intervention should be sought if warmth and inflammation is experienced
- The doctor may suggest a sonography examination if required.
- Common among people whose work or hobbies require repetitive gripping actions

More common in women and people with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. This condition may progress from mild to severe


This condition can be identified by the patient himself/herself. However, a proper medical diagnosis may be necessary if it persists.
Patient may experience:
You may get a clicking or popping feeling as you move your finger. There may be tenderness or a bump in the palm at the base of the affected finger. You may have a bent finger which you can straighten.


The affected finger needs proper rest. Wearing a splint may help.

The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory and painkiller medication. For severe pain, steroid injections may be recommended.

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