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What is turf toe injury and how is it treated?


Injury to the collateral ligament of the big toe that connects the bones in the joints when the toes is forced into hyperextension while doing a physical activity.

Sprain injuries are commonly confused with strains. The injury is very similar but a strain only affects the muscles and tendons not the ligaments. [1]
- Medical diagnosis by a general physician is enough.
- Affects both men as well as women.
- X – Ray and Magnetic Resonance imaging may be required.
- Can be physically painful.
A turf toe (toe sprain) injury is categorized into three based on its severity as Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.
Ages Affected – age is not a crucial factor with regards to Turf Toe injury as it only happens when the big toe is hyperextended during physical activities.


The symptoms include swelling, throbbing pain and movement limitations in the bone joints at the base of the big toe.

People May Experience
Uneasiness: swelling of the sprained toe and difficulty moving at the base.
Pain: pain in the big toe.


Self – Care: Follow the RICE protocol. Take REST. Apply ICE to the sprained toe. Wear an elastic COMPRESSION bandage. Keep the foot ELEVATED.
Medication: Taking over the counter or prescription NSAIDs can help relieve the pain.
Specialist: For surgical treatment, consult an orthopaedic surgeon. At mfine, the doctors explain the treatment options and procedures for a better understanding of the patient.

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