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What You Need To Know About Tietz Syndrome


Inflammation conditions that is then characterized by intense pain in the chest area.

Some experts believe that it is caused by many tiny traumas to the chest wall. You might also get the condition if you've had a lot of respiratory infections, bad coughing fits, or strain from exercise or other physical activity. [1]

- Inflammation can cause noticeable changes
- Can occur in both men and women
- Mostly occurs during adulthood

Tietz Syndrome can be referred to as the inflammation conditions that is then characterized by intense pain in the chest area and swelling of the cartilage present around the ribs. The upper ribs that join the breastbone and supports the whole structure can be swelled up due to this disease. Severe chest pain can occur if not treated immediately.

Ages affected - Fewer: between 20-30 years; More often: between 30-40 years; Often: 40+ years


Symptoms may include chest pain and feeling of being nauseated. The pain that is caused in the chest region can also spread around the shoulders and arms.

People may experience
Pain areas – chest, shoulder, arms.
Inability to breathe – during of chest pain.
Inflammation – inability to do any sort of work due to inflammation at the chest region.
Swelling – mostly around the chest region.


Self-care: For inflammation of the chest region, try taking in soft and controlled breathes, which can ease the swelling.

Medications: For inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs can help to bring the swelling down to a gradual level.

Specialists: For other kinds, consult a specialist if the symptoms persist even after taking medications. At mfine, with our wide range of services and options, you can absolutely use them to make sure you are in the brightest of health with our care.

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