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Synovitis and Tenosynovitis: Meaning, symptoms, causes, and treatments


Synovitis is characterized as the inflammation of the synovial membrane of a joint, while Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of the tendon sheath.

Tenosynovitis is not the same condition as tendonitis, which refers to the inflammation of the tendon itself, although in many cases the two conditions occur simultaneously. [1]
- Medical diagnosis by a general physician is enough.
- It affects both men and women.
- X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI may be required.
- It can be physically painful.
Tenosynovitis is more common in women than in men and is caused by various factors like different types of arthritis – rheumatoid, psoriatic, and juvenile or osteoarthritis.
Ages Affected – below 30 years: less often; between 0 and 50 years: most often; above 50 years: often.


The symptoms include joint swelling, joint tenderness, joint stiffness, mild fever, redness of skin along the length of the affected tendon, and pain while moving the joint.

People may experience
Uneasiness: Swelling of the affected joint, tenderness, and stiffness of the joint
Pain: Joint pain while attempting movement


Self-care: Follow a routine of physical therapy. Wear a splint or brace to support the tendon. Ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) can be very beneficial.
Medication: Taking over-the-counter or prescription NSAIDs can help relieve the pain and inflammation.
Specialist: For surgical treatment in case of an infection, consult an orthopaedic surgeon. At mfine, holistic medical treatments are offered to the patients, assuring a healthier life.

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