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Everything to know about Supraspinatus Tendinitis


Supraspinatus Tendinitis is a painful arc syndrome, which mostly affects the shoulder.
The tendinitis results from trauma (e.g. a fall, dog on a leash) in around 30% of cases. 5% of cases are bilateral (involving both shoulders). The pain will severely limit shoulder movement and may cause secondary muscular neck pains.

- Requires proper medical care
- Can happen to anyone
- Pain will be limited to only the shoulder regions
- Sometimes acute muscle pains can also occur

Supraspinatus tendinitis is the painful arc syndrome, which mostly affects the shoulder regions. Can also be ruled out as the common cause of the shoulder pain, which appears in most athletes due to rigorous exercises. This form if not treated well can persist the pain for over few months. Also occurs due to repetitive stress and overloading during strenuous sports activities.
Ages affected – Often: between 20-30 years; fewer: between 40-50 years


Symptoms include a sudden onset of sharp pain in the shoulder regions with a tearing sensation being caused to the muscles.
People may experience:
Pain area–Mostly around the shoulder and, neck muscles
Acute pain–Around the shoulder regions
Rotator cuff muscles–Generally become stiff during exercises


Self-care: For pain in the shoulder region, try warming up before working out to give your muscles an active boost. Try to move the shoulders and perform light activities without suffering the injured point.
Medications: For Subacromial, injection of the platelets can be reviewed in a retrospective way. Most patients who have acute conditions can take in PRP injections and ultrasounds for satisfactory results.
Specialist: Used as the best option to reduce the pain and make sure that it is cured within days or weeks. With mfine, you can be fit and active, and fight all your diseases with the best of services.

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