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Shoulder sprain: Its symptoms and treatments


An acromioclavicular joint injury or a separated shoulder joint by tearing of shoulder ligaments characterized by swelling and tenderness and pain.

This type of shoulder injury is especially common among players, athletes and wrestlers. It causes severe pain and immobilizes the joint. [1]

- Cannot be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options available
- Imaging and tests like X-rays may be required
- Physical examination by a doctor may be needed
- In extreme cases, surgery may be needed

A shoulder sprain is the tearing of shoulder ligaments completely or partially. The sprain may be categorized as per the damage of the ligament from grade-1 to grade-2. With each grade, the effect is more severe and painful. Various causes are responsible for shoulder sprain. Minor shoulder sprains can be treated without specialist care.


Not self-diagnosable – In absolute terms, the doctor may require an X-ray or MRI for confirmation
Pain areas will depend on the grade of the injury
In mild cases, the pain will be less
In extreme cases the pain will be severe and normal movement will cause more pain.
Swelling and tenderness in the area


Self-care: avoid moving the affected arm unnecessarily. Application of ice can soothe the swelling.

Medicines: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen may be used. If the pain is too much, the doctor may prescribe pain-relief medications.
Corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation
Arm sling: to immobilize the affected arm.
Early range of motion exercises for less severe cases
Surgery in most extreme cases
Specialists: For concerns, consult a physician or orthopaedist. In severe cases, open or arthroscopic surgery may be required. At mfine, we render a holistic treatment plan for health care.

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