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Scoliosis: Everything To Know.


Scoliosis is a sideways abnormal curvature of the spine.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), about 80 percent of Scoliosis cases have no identifiable cause.[1]

- The spine is curved from side to side or in an ‘S’ or ‘C’.
- Common causes include neuromuscular conditions, birth defects, and spinal injury.
- Girls are more prone than boys to scoliosis.
- Some children develop spine deformities.
- Not self-treatable
- Requires lab tests and imaging
- Self-diagnosable
- Scoliosis usually lasts lifelong

It occurs mostly during growth spurt just before puberty. Most cases are mild with a few symptoms. However, a severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly. Scoliosis leads to lung and heart damage, back problems and distorted appearance. Severe scoliosis can also be disabling.


Scoliosis is self-diagnosable. Symptoms include:
- Uneven shoulders, i.e., one shoulder blade that appears more prominent than the other.
- Uneven waist, i.e, hip higher than the other.
- Back pain.


Continue wearing a brace to stop the curve from worsening. General exercise or participating in sports may have the benefit of improving overall health and well-being.

- Requires physical and neurological exam, x-rays, bone scan, MRI and CT scan.
- Bracing and spinal fusion surgery may also be suggested.

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