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Suffering from knee swelling?


A swollen knee happens once excess fluid accumulates in or around your knee. Your doctor would possibly check with this condition as associate effusion in your knee.

If you have got knee pain, you wish to take care once doing weight-bearing exercises. [1]

- A swollen knee could also be the results of trauma, overuse injuries.
- Can happen to both men and women
- Removing a number of the fluid additionally helps scale back the pain and stiffness related to the swelling.

your doctor would possibly get to acquire a sample of the fluid to check for infection, illness or injury. Once your doctor determines the underlying reason for your swollen knee, applicable treatment will begin.

Ages affected
In men: above 65 - Most often; Less than 65 -often
In women: above 50 - Most often; Less than 50-often


Symptoms include Swelling, Stiffness, clamped and Pain in your knees all of these are reasons to consult a physician.

Symptoms and Signs typically include:

Swelling: The skin around your kneecap will brag perceptibly, particularly once you compare the affected knee to the traditional one.

Stiffness: When your genu contains excess fluid, you would possibly not be ready to bend or straighten your leg utterly.

Pain: Depending on the explanation for the fluid buildup, the knee may well be terribly painful to the purpose that it's tough or not possible in reality weight on that.


Exercises to strengthen the muscles within the higher leg will facilitate to guard the knee joint. Loosely closing the hands into fists, faucet the higher, lower, and middle thigh ten times with each hands. Repeat 3 times.

Your doctor may bring down oral pain medication if over-the-counter pain relievers are not enough. To ease inflammation, your doctor may counsel associate degree oral steroid hormone, like Meticorten. different varieties of steroids will be injected directly into your knee joint.

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