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What is Right Shoulder Supraspinatus Tendinitis or Painful Arc Syndrome?


Inflammation of cords that attach muscle and bone on the shoulder

Prevalence of Supraspinatus Tendinitis is uncertain, approximate estimates range from 4% to 26% (1)

- May need an analgesic drug to relieve from pain
- The physician may also recommend steroids if condition demands
- Can affect both men and women equally
- Repetitive stress and overloading on the joints further aggravate the problem

Member of the rotator cut-off group. Piano players, violin players, and rock climbers are mostly affected. Working with elevated arms for long periods of time aggravates the problem. Pain is felt at trigger points at particular spots. The side of the shoulder is the most common trigger point for pain.

Ages affected – typically seen in age groups 25–60; increases after middle age.


Strain on tendons aggravates the problem. Can be caused due to sudden injury repeatedly around the same area. A patient can feel tenderness over shoulders, swelling, mild ache to severe pain.

People may experience
Pain areas – shoulder joints, pain ranging from mild to severe
Motion – reduced motion can be noted while lifting arm
Tenderness – can feel tender shoulder joints
Swelling or inflammation – irritation and inflammation in and around muscles and bones


Self-care: Easing up and performing high-impact activities with proper techniques are considered as preventive measures. Rest is very essential.

Medications: In case of any of the above symptoms contact your healthcare provider immediately. Analgesics or corticosteroid injection may be recommended by the doctor based on the condition.

Specialists: Report to your physician in case of any symptoms noted. We at mfine shall support you with total health issues and treatment programs.

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