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Proximal Humerus Fractures: All you need to know


A fracture injury in the right upper arm, near the shoulder.

85% of proximal humerus fractures are non-displaced (not out of position) and do not require surgery.

- X-ray and medical diagnosis are required
- Usually heals within 6 weeks
- A sling has to be worn for 2-6 weeks
- Surgery may be needed in some cases

Ages affected - All ages are susceptible, but more often for those above 65


People may experience:
- Swelling in the right shoulder and upper arm
- Aching and pain in the right shoulder and upper arm
- Inability to use arm


Proximal humerus fracture is an injury and has to be examined by a medical professional and diagnosed using an X-ray. Severe cases of proximal humerus fractures require surgery.

Self-care: Keep your right arm in its sling and rest the arm during the entire healing process.

Medication: For mild aching pains, taking over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or topricin (diclofenac) will help you manage the pain. Stronger, prescription pain medication can also be prescribed by a doctor, especially to be taken while healing after surgery.

Specialists: Post surgery and even in the case of no surgery, physical therapy is necessary to strengthen the humerus. Therapy will train the muscles to have a full range of motion and be able to perform to their full abilities again. At mfine, we believe that in order to prevent injuries from occurring, its important to take care of your overall health. This is why we have created our holistic treatment program. We recommend that those who have suffered from injuries and also those who are injury-free to check out the programs positive, long-lasting effects.

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