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Right Leg Weakness: A Detailed Summary


A decrease in the strength in right leg muscles of an individual.

About 57% of the patients suffering from one leg weakness, ultimately are a victim of chronic idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. (1)

- Diagnosable
- Treatable
- Different from medical diseases, disorders, and symptoms such as arthritis, muscle cramps, and tiredness.

This condition in particular affects the movements of an individual.


Diagnosis: For the evaluation of the leg muscles simple, coordinated movements are asked to be performed by the patient. Several other tests such as MRI and X-Rays are used in combination with this to diagnose weakness.
Nerve conduction studies are organized, if there is a doubt that the leg is not functioning properly due to some problems with the nerves attached to it.

- Burning feeling

- Paralysis

- Numbness

- Muscle Spasms


Self-care: The leg should be rested, movement of the patient should be restricted.
While lying down, It can be kept elevated on the bed using pillows. Using ice is recommended. The individual can also try wearing compression socks or stockings, which will provide them with additional support.

Medicines: Painkillers are used to relieve pain from the right leg.

Special Treatments:
Treatments can provide the patient with a new lease of life. At mfine, you will receive a suitable treatment plan for optimum health.

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