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Psoriatic Arthritis Mutilans: All we need to know


Psoriatic arthritis mutilans is a rare form of psoriatic arthritis. It causes severe inflammation.
Which leads to bone tissue to disappear. Psoriatic arthritis is a form of arthritis which affects people suffering from skin psoriasis.

Also called: Opera Glass Hand or Telescopic Finger

About 30% of the Americans with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic Arthritis Mutilans affects people suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

- Not self-treatable
- Not self-diagnosable
- Lab tests or imaging are required
- Medium - term: resolves within months

Psoriatic arthritis occurs if a person already has psoriasis. Psoriasis develops due to an autoimmune response in the body. When immune system attacks healthy cells; it leads to inflammation throughout the body of a person. When inflammation continues for a long term, then bones connected to frequently used joints begin to deteriorate which causes Psoriatic Arthritis Mutilans.

People at high risk: Childhood obesity, unable to diagnose psoriasis at a young age and genetic disorder.


Self-diagnosable: Stiff joints and decreased range of movements

Common: Affected joints begin to disappear

People also experience: Shortening of affected joints i.e. decrease in the length of bones

Diagnosis and treatment

- First, the presence of psoriatic arthritis is confirmed by the doctor. Swelling and tenderness of joints are diagnosed.
- Recommendation of X-Ray to check for the inflammation and joint damage
- Blood tests to examine the type of arthritis.
- Psoriatic arthritis mutilans is diagnosed by the severity of the bone destruction


Self-care: Early physical therapy is recommended, especially in hands, can help to delay or prevent Psoriatic arthritis mutilans from destroying the joints.

Medicines: Medicines such as DMARD’s , NSAID’s and corticosteroids may be prescribed by the doctor. Psoriatic arthritis mutilans is also treated using TNF Inhibitors.

Specialists: For further concerns consult an orthopaedist. At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for optimum health.

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