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All you need to know about postural kyphosis


Postural kyphosis is an abnormal curvature of the natural curve in the spine.

Postural kyphosis is the most common form of kyphosis that affects women more than men. It especially occurs during the adolescence. [1]

- It can be self-diagnosed.
- Treatment options are available.
- Tests may be required.
- X-ray may be needed.
- Reference to the patients medical history may be needed.
- Physical examination by the doctor may be needed.

Kyphosis is an abnormality in the spinal curvature that is naturally curved at an angle. Postural kyphosis is usually a result of poor posture, mostly seen in young adults and adolescents.


Self-Diagnosable There occurs an abnormal posture of the lower back.
Not many symptoms are noticeable in milder forms.
There may be pain or stiffness in the spine and lower back.


Self-Care: Improve postures while sitting, walking, or standing.

Medicines: Medication of postural kyphosis is dependent on the severity of the case. If the symptoms are much, pain relief medications can be aided.
Osteoporosis medication can help to strengthen bone.

Bracing can be aided to children for controlling the diseases progress.
Exercise is beneficial for checking the progress and controlling the disorder.

Specialists: In the initial stage, the suspecting patient can visit a general physician. An orthopedic surgeon will be able to treat a person with postural kyphosis. At mfine, you can expect the best healthcare plans.

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