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Post-Operative Stiffness In Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair


Postoperative shoulder stiffness following surgical repair of shoulder instability
Studies report an incidence rate of 4.9% to 32.7%. [2] Management of postoperative shoulder stiffness depends on the cause of the stiffness. [1].

- Can be self diagnosable
- Stiffness usually recede without the need for additional surgery
- Imaging and tests may be required
Post operative stiffness is the Restriction of active and passive motions of 100° of elevation or less, with <50% of external rotation when compared with the motion of the contralateral shoulder and internal rotation only to the sacrum.


Self Diagnosable: When there is a restriction of active and passive motions of 100° of elevation or less.
Pain areas are around the shoulder joint.


Self Care: Stiffness usually recedes without the need for additional surgery when rotator cuff tear is repaired.
Medicines: Patients with severe stiffness (i.e. the total range of motion deficit >70°) should be treated with medicines under conservative management until the inflammatory phase has concluded [3]
Arthroscopic Capsular Release: In patients with shoulder stiffness secondary to surgical RC tendon tear repair, arthroscopic capsular release should be considered. [4]
Physical Therapy: Given the currently available studies, both standard conservative rehabilitation program with sling immobilization and early passive motion exercises do not lead to stiffness development. [5]
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