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Paraspinal Muscle Spasm: Diagnosis And Treatment Options


Paraspinal Muscle Spasm refers to the chronic back pain due to several underlying reasons. There are various factors which can lead to the condition like the age, work and stress. Though there may not be a serious concern regarding the condition, unless there is more structural problem like the disc herniation. In that case, one must see a doctor for treatment.

Around 80% of the U.S. population experience lower back pain at some point of their lives. [1]

It typically occurs between the age groups-30 to 50.
- The paraspinal muscle comprises of three layers of muscles – the Iliocostalis muscles, the Longissimus muscles, and the Spinalis muscles. When these muscles tense up and contract due to underlying reasons, the patient feels a mild to sharp pain in the lower back.
- The common reasons/ triggers to Paraspinal Muscle Spasm are muscle atrophy(loss of muscle mass), lack of proper posture, muscle strain.
- Diagnosis of paraspinal muscle spasms imaging tests like EMG, MRI or CT scan, and X-ray is recommended.


Symptoms of Paraspinal Muscle Spasm vary with the reasons and causes, such as:
- Pain in the lower back: Pain in lower back is a primary symptom
- Discomfort
- Redness of the skin in the affected area: The affected area usually turns red due to spasm
- Cramping sensation: The muscle-discomfort can be felt by a cramping sensation
- Weakness: Person feels weak.

Consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.


Treatment for Paraspinal Muscle Spasm involves changes in lifestyle and medications as recommended by a doctor.
- Stretching exercises like lower back stretch, extensions etc.
- Yoga
- Staying hydrated.
- Using ice packs or hot compresses (in case of injuries).
- Adequate rest.
- Avoid lifting heavy objects.

- Muscle relaxers
- Antidepressants
- Over-the-counter medication
- Physiotherapy
- Physical Therapy

Specialists: One needs to see a muscle specialist to get over the concerns and to treat the symptoms of the condition. mfine is your trusted ally to understanding medical conditions and providing a proper treatment option.

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