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Treatment of Para Spinal Muscle Spasms


Pain around erector spinae (three muscle groups) which support your back.

- May need medical attention depending on the severity
- May require physiotherapy or stretch exercises
- May happen to both men and women
- Is curable

A condition where you experience pain in and around the three muscle groups in the back. These muscles are required to support the back and to help you lean or arch or bend your back. Bad posture often causes paraspinal muscle spasms.

Ages affected No particular age group is affected. Can occur more often in those who do monotonous activities sitting in one posture for long.


Self diagnosable
Generally a self-diagnosable condition. If you have severe back pain in and around paraspinal muscles, you must report it to a doctor.

People may experience
Pain, mild to severe, around the paraspinal muscle area
Strain around the paraspinal area


Self-care: Stretch exercises are required to get relief from the condition. If the condition persists, you should consult a doctor.

Medication: Depending on the condition, your doctor may recommend suitable therapy. If the condition does not improve, an MRI of the cervical spine may be recommended.

Specialists: In case of severe and prolonging pain, you must consult your doctor immediately. We at Mfine are here to help you with a holistic and complete treatment program to suit your requirements.

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