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Pain in Wrist and Elbow Areas: What Everyone Should Know about


Severe pain from wrist to elbow caused due to high impact activities and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

- Needs diagnosis if the pain is severe
- Therapy may be needed for better healing
- May affect both men and women
- Can be rectified through lifestyle changes

It is very common among those who are into continuous activities for several hours such as constantly sitting before the computer and playing the piano. Also affects those who are into high impact activities such as playing sports. Any component of joints such as nerves, bones, and/or tendons may be the reason for pain. May range from mild pain to severe and sharp pain due to dislocation.

Ages affected can affect all age groups, most prevalent among ages 45-65. Women are likely to be more affected than men.


Any of the symptoms including burning sensation, pain in hands and fingers, pain in wrist or numbness should be reported immediately to a physician.

People may experience
Pain areas elbow, hands, and wrist. Shoulder pain also may be experienced in some cases
Lack of strength tender shoulder and forearm muscles
Stiffness elbow stiffness can also be associated


Self-care: heat packs on the affected areas, wrapping bandage on the affected joints can impart relief.

Medications: In case of severe pain, therapeutic techniques are needed for healing. Exercises for building strength may be recommended along with wrist splints.

Specialists: Contact your healthcare provider in case the above mentioned symptoms are experienced. We at mfine are here to support and give you complete treatment for your medical needs.

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