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Pain in left heel: Here is what you need to know


Heel pain has many causes, from the condition that affects heel bone to the condition that affects structure near it like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis.

Ankle and foot are made of 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100 plus tendons; the heel is the largest bone in the foot with pain.

-Overuse is the main cause of heel pain.
-Home remedies are effective if the pain is due to overuse.
-Pain can be in one or both the heel.
-Overweight people experience it more.
-It is treatable and last for a few hours or days.
-It can become chronic in some cases.

Heel pain does not require treatment as it gets recovered in most cases by itself. However, if pain worsens and gets severe over time, then the medical examination is required. Causes of heel pain are found through the type of symptom associated with pain.


Pain can be felt either behind the heel or under the heel swelling.

People may experience
Foot may feel hot
Difficult or hurts when walking
Pain when squeezing heel bone
Numbness or tingling in foot


Self-Care: People who feel mild pain should rest or minimize giving stress to heel. Decrease overuse of heel. Home care can be applied like ice, foot support, proper fitting footwear, and silicon pad to ease the pain.

Medications: Over the counter medicines link aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce pain and inflammation.

Specialists: Heel pain with other symptoms like swelling, fever, bending the foot, pain for more than a week requires immediate attention of a doctor. At Mfine, we help in getting the proper treatment program to our members.

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