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Consistent pain in the ankle? All you need to know.


The development of an extra bone behind the ankle bone.
Os Trigonum is present in about 5-15% of the population. [1]
Medical diagnosis by a general physician is enough for confirmation.
Affects both men and women.
X - Ray is generally required.
Can be physically painful.
This syndrome often mimics other conditions like ankle sprain, talus fracture and Achilles tendonitis. Affected people are not aware of this additional growth as it doesn’t hamper the functionality of the foot after manifestation.
Ages Affected - no particular age category is more vulnerable, they share equal chances of having this condition.


Self- diagnosable
Symptoms include discomfort and/or pain while walking or standing. Getting evaluated by a doctor is advisable.

People May Experience

Pain - Pain while putting pressure on the big toe of the foot while walking.
Tenderness - The affected area will feel abnormally tender when touched.
Swelling - the heel and back part of the ankle will display swelling.


Self-Care: Take rest until inflammation subsides. Applying a bag of ice over the swollen area can relieve the pain due to inflammation. Immobilizing walking boots can be worn to restrict motion of the ankle.

Medications: Take over-the-counter anti - inflammatory medication like ibuprofen for pain relief. Cortisone injections to the affected area can also be helpful.

Specialists: One can opt for surgery only after consulting an orthopaedic surgeon. mfine has taken healthcare to the digital platform. Download the mfine app and see a doctor in 60 seconds.

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