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Nondisplaced Intertrochanteric Fracture of Right Femur


A type of hip fracture that occurs between the greater and lesser trochanter.

50% of all hip fractures are caused by accidents are intertrochanteric. [1]

- Requires immediate medical assistance
â?¢ Lab testing and imaging are required
â?¢ Takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months for recovery
â?¢ The risk factor is high for people with low bone density

The major cause of the intertrochanteric fracture is accidents and trauma. The fractures are caused on the femur region where the muscles of the thigh and hip attach.

Ages affected:
Ages 3 to 45 years - Common
Ages 46 to 59 years- More common
Ages 60 and above - Most common.


Self-diagnosable, Extreme pain in the hips, not being able to carry weights and unable to move the hip region.

People may experience

- Swelling around the hip region
- Unable to stand up without support after the fall
- Stiffness and pain in the injured side leg
- Having the leg in an awkward position or towards the injured side


Self-care: Bedrest is mandatory. Mild physical exercises on the guidance of your therapist.

Medication: Anticoagulants has to be taken after the surgery on doctor's prescription.

Specialist: Surgery is the most common and effective treatment. At mfine, we use state of the art equipment for surgeries and our physical therapists will help you on your road to recovery.

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