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Treat Your Painful Neck Spasms


The involuntary contractions of the muscles on the neck are referred to as neck spasms.
The pain caused by neck spasms can last up to many weeks.

- Sudden, sharp pain is felt when a person experiences neck spasms.
- The muscles which are affected become hard and stiff.
- Intense pain is caused when a person tries to move their neck.
- Medical intervention is often not needed.
- Adequate self-care can sometimes heal the person completely.
- Neck spasms are usually the result of stress, poor posture, and injuries.

If a person starts to feel tightness in his/her neck muscles, then they should immediately start exercising otherwise the pain will worsen with time.


People usually experience sudden pain and the affected muscles tighten.


Self-care: Stretching, exercising and sufficient resting on a daily basis.
Medications: OTC (over the counter) pain relievers, ice packs, and massages.

Chiropractors, Orthopedics and Physiotherapists are the best options. Neck spasms are very common but they are treatable. However, if left untreated, the pain may worsen. Exercising is the best way to deal with muscle spasms but if the pain still doesn’t subside then consulting a doctor would be a good idea. At mfine, we provide a holistic approach to health and guarantee accurate diagnosis and treatment of any ailment.

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