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Dealing With Joint Pain In The Fingers? Read This To Know More


Strain in the joints at the base of the fingers. The inflammation causes pain.

Most symptoms caused by a sprained finger are related to inflammation[1].

- Needs to be treated by a medical professional
- Requires medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging are often required
- It is short-term and usually resolves within weeks

The MCP ( or metacarpophalangeal) joint, more commonly known as the knuckle, is the joint at the base of the fingers. It is the point where the hand bone, that is the metacarpal, meets the finger bones, that is, the phalanges. The MCP joint is responsible for the flexing of the fingers to spread them or bring them together. The MCP sprain is likely to be caused by joint arthritis and collateral ligament injuries and is commonly seen in the index finger and the thumb.

Any age group can get affected.


Self- diagnosable:
You will experience restricted movement of the knuckles, especially in the index finger.

People may experience:
Pain in the MCP joints, usually the index finger and the thumb
Finger dislocation, stress during movement, collateral ligament injuries, or immobilization of the affected finger


Self-care: Hand and finger movement can be regained by minimal exercise and therapy.

Medication: Physical therapy is best suited and should be done as per the doctor’s suggestion. Over- the- counter medicines, steroid injections and pain relievers may be prescribed, depending on the severity of the sprain.

Specialists:For medical opinion on handling the issue, consult a hand therapist or a physiotherapist. At mfine, we have a dedicated range of specialists to help you find the right healthcare programs.

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