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What is a Mallet finger of Left Hand


Inward bending of the left finger typically caused due to an injury.

Mallet finger is a common sports injury that can also occur if a finger gets caught in something.
- Medical diagnosis by a general physician.
- Affects both men and women.
- Can be physically painful.
- X-Ray imaging is usually required.

During the injury, the extensor tendon of the finger of the left hand is torn due to the impact. In some cases, a fragment of bone breaks off, which is why X-Ray imaging is necessary.
Ages Affected – No particular age category is subject to high risk. Any person of any age can be affected.


Symptoms include the swelling of a finger, severe pain, tenderness, and the inability to extend the finger. Getting evaluated by a doctor is important.

People May Experience

Pain  mild pain over the affected area on the body.
Appearance  the raised or depressed scars are skin defects and can affect the appearance of the patient.
Skin irritation  The scars itch a lot, which can be irritating.


Self-care: Clean the finger under water if it is cut and press a gauze piece over the wound to prevent further bleeding.
Medication: One can opt for Over-the-counter (OTC) medical treatment such as pain killers for pain relief.
Specialist: For other treatments such as surgery, consult an orthopedic surgeon. At mfine, appropriate treatment suggestions are made for the patients, considering the condition, age, and medical history. Consult us today!

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