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Lumbar Spondylitis Symptoms and Treatment


Lumbar Spondylitis (not to be confused with Spondylosis) is an inflammation of the spine bone (vertebrae) that may lead to chronic pain or disability.

Low back pain affects approximately 60–85% of adults during some point in their lives. (1)

-Medical Diagnosis Required
-Lab Test or Imaging Required
-Chronic: May last for a lifetime

It is a form of arthritis that causes the vertebral bones to fuse together and results in a rigid spine. In advanced cases, it may lead to severe deformity.


The symptoms vary according to the severity; there may be periods without any symptoms alternating with periods of intense pain
Other Symptoms:
- Morning stiffness
- Bone fusion
- Poor posture
- Loss of appetite
- Low-grade fever
- Weight loss
- Fatigue
- Anemia or iron deficiency
- Reduced lung functioning


Lifestyle changes like maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and relaxation techniques may help reduce the symptoms.

There is no cure for spondylitis; however, medication and therapy may help in effective management. Timely intervention can also help in reducing or stopping bone deformity. One of the following methods are generally used:

- Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) few help in reducing pain and inflammation.
- Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) inhibitors assist in reducing inflammation triggers.
- Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) slows down the progression of disease in the body.
- In case of severe deformity, a joint replacement surgery may be carried out.
- An osteotomy may be carried out to cut and realign the bones in the spinal cord.

Lumbar Spondylitis can be effectively managed through timely intervention. Feel free to contact our doctors at mfine for professional advice on all your health issues at every stage of your treatment.

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