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Lumbar Disc Prolapse: what you should know?

Lumbar Disc Prolapse: what you should know?

Prolapsed lumbar disc which is also known as herniated or ruptured disc is a condition which causes lower back pain and muscle weakness.
Lumbar herniated discs are a widespread and common medical problem.

- Require rest treatments.
- May require CT Scan, MRI Scan or X-ray for diagnosis.
- Non surgical treatments are also available.

This occurs when the gel-like center of your disc present between individual bones known as vertebrae get ruptured out through a tear in the outer tough disc wall called as annulus. This leads to irritation in your spinal nerves.
Ages affected- Commonly occurs in between 35 to 50 years.


Depending on location and response to the pain the symptoms can vary. People experience pain, numbness, muscle weakness, etc. Also, it can cause difficulties in lifting and other movements.
Self Diagnosable- Pain and difficulties for movements indicates the reasons to meet the doctor.


Self care
Physical therapies can be used for calming pain and inflammation as well as improving mobility and strength. Exercises focusing on improving core and spinal strength should be done.

These may use steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), pain control medications, and muscle relaxers to get control over symptoms.

As you experience pain inform your doctor. In some cases, steroid injections can be useful. mfine gives you an instant and trusted and also helps to connect with top doctors.

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