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Heres Why You Need To Treat your Lumbar Disc Disease


One or two discs which separate the spine causes a breakdown in the support structure.

Degeneration of discs is a normal consequence of aging. Every person aged 60 or more experiences some degree of disc degeneration. However, not everyone feels pain associated with such disc degeneration.[1]

- Can affect both men and women
- Pain becomes worse if not treated well
- Nerve pain can be instanced
- Affected vertebrae can have small bony appearances

Lumbar disc disease is the most common form of disease which can affect anyone and of any age. The one or two discs which separates the spine causes a breakdown in the support structure which cause the onset of this disease. Mostly pain in the neck and the back region can increase if this disease is not treated immediately after it has been detected by doctors. Any part of the spine, as well as the lower region, can be affected due to this disease.

Ages affected - between 20 - 30 years- Often; between 30 - 40 years- more often; 40 years and above - most often


Symptoms may include a stern pain in the back region or weakness in the portion which is affected. Sometimes when the pain gets worse, individuals may notice loss of bowel or bladder control or numbness.

People may experience
Pain areas - Neck, shoulders, back
Doubling pain - Mostly in the back or in the neck region
Numbness- Due to long instances of pain over injured area


Self Care: For increasing back pain, taking therapy sessions or take part in workout which can help reduce the pain.

Medications: For treatment to battle against the pain, painkillers can be a good agent. Also using other alternatives are preferable.

Specialists: For persistent symptoms, consult a physician for better help. At mfine, we grant you the best of services and medications from our side so that your illness can be cured at the earliest.

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