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Lower back aching? Find your answers here


Pain and aching sensation in the lower back.

Worldwide, back pain is the single leading cause of disability. [1]

- Most adults experience low back aches at some point in the lives
- Most cases are acute and are caused by an injury to the muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs
- Acute cases are self-diagnosable and treatable and usually go away within a week

For chronic lower back aches, a thorough diagnosis is important to lay the foundation for appropriate treatment and rehabilitation.

Ages affected - All ages are susceptible, but most often- 40 +


Symptoms include pain and aching sensations in the lower back.

People may experience:
- Mechanical Pain- throbbing or stabbing sensation localized to the lower back, buttocks, and sometimes the top of the legs
- Radicular Pain- sensation down the butt and legs is sharp, electric, burning-type pain that can be associated with weakness and numbness


If the pain persists longer than a week or becomes debilitating, especially if it affects walking, please see a medical professional.

Self Care: Rest your body and give it time to recover. Ice or apply heat to the lower back.

Medications: For mild aching pains, taking over-the-counter pain relievers will help you manage the pain.

Specialists: If diagnosed with a condition or injury, seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist will help recover the nerves and muscles. Acupuncture is also efficient in alleviating low back aches. At Mfine we’re here to help you with different areas of health issues, including back aches. To get your back strong and your life pain-free, check out our holistic treatment program.

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