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Gain effective knowledge regarding Left Knee Pain


Knee pain is a common issue with several possible causes.

It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans suffer from knee pain [1]

- The patient's age and the anatomic site of the pain are two factors that can be important in achieving an accurate diagnosis.
- Can affect any individual regardless of age and gender
- Usually is chronic in nature

There are multiple causes behind chronic knee pain. It might be a genetic problem or may be a result of an injury. The pain hinders an individual to lead a proactive life as basic movements become painful. It can be treated with regular physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Ages Affected - Between 20 and 30 - often; between 30 and 40 - more often; 40 and above - most often



The symptoms include chronic pain and difficulty to walk and run.

People may experience
- Stiffness and swelling.
- Inability to fully straighten the knee.
- Instability and weakness.
- crunching noises or Popping.


1) Strengthening the muscles around your knee area makes it better. Exercises help in improving balance.

2) Arch supports can help shift pressure away from the side of the knee most affected by osteoarthritis. In certain cases, different types of braces may be used to protect and support the knee joint.

Treatments differ depending on the cause of the knee pain. Your doctor may give medications to relieve pain and treat undercover conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout.

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