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Jones Fracture in the foot: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


A condition referring to break down between the base and the shaft of the longest bone in the foot. The longest bone on the foot is called fifth metatarsal bone connecting bone on outside of the foot to the smallest toe.

• More prevalent among men
• Requires medical attention
• May require lab examinations and medical tests
• Can be curable in two months
• May require surgery in complicated conditions

A common type of metatarsal fracture. Severe kind of fracture which occurs to the jones bone. Since this area receives less blood as compared to other organs of the feet, it makes healing difficult. The fracture is caused due to stress on bone or due to an injury.

Ages affected – May occur to any age groups


Self – diagnosable
Swelling and severe pain can be observed in the region. Worsening of pain or purple colored skin in the affected area should be immediately reported to a doctor.

People may experience
Pain – mild to severe pain, tingling in the affected leg
Swelling – inflammation, and swelling in the affected area
Colored skin- purple colored skin
Problems in walking – may face difficulty to walk


Self-Care: Good rest should be taken during this phase. Stress should not be caused to the affected area. A cold compress may help to seek relief.

Medications: Medications will depend on the severity and condition of the Jones fracture. Since it takes time to heal, medications may be provided to reduce inflammation. Surgery is required in rare cases.

Specialists: In case of the above-mentioned symptoms, contact your medical professional. At mfine, we are here to provide you with total health care program for your requirements.

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