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Symptoms and treatment internal derangement of left knee


A chronic knee condition affecting regular movement.

Approximately 9 to 10 percent of patients with acute knee pain who are treated by family physicians have meniscal tears.[1]

- Requires a medical diagnosis
- X-Ray and imaging may be required
- Chronic condition

Internal derangement of the knee is a chronic condition caused due to an internal injury in the knee. This may be due to a torn meniscus, an injury, torn ligament etc. Pain in the knee is a common symptom of this condition.


Medical diagnosis: A doctor may conduct a physical exam, followed by an X-Ray or MRI for confirmation.
Stiff and unstable knees
Pain and difficulty in movement
Swelling in the area around the knee


Self-care: Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity that may worsen the condition
RICE: Rest, ice, compress and elevate your knee to reduce inflammation and swelling

Physical therapy: Gentle exercises that stimulate knee function and flexibility may help with pain and stiffness

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