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All you need to know abou t Hemivertebrae


A type of vertebral anomaly that results in having only one half of a vertebral body.

0.3 individuals are affected by this medical condition, per live 1000 births. (1)

- Diagnosable
- Is congenital in nature
- Occurs in the mid-thoracic region
- Are of four major types- Incarcerated, non-incarcerated, segmented, and non-segmented

This is caused due to the complete failure of growth centre in one vertebrae half.


Diagnosis: Radiograph, CT scan, and Ultrasound tests are used. During coronal scanning by ultrasound, hemivertebrae is observed as an asymmetrical vertebral body.
Spinal pain
Nausea, Dizziness
Urinary, faecal incontinence




Hemivertebrae resection: In this operation, the patient is first placed upon a surgical table. The operation can take place in two approaches - anterior and posterior, depending upon the situation. The anterior approach involves operating on the spine from the front, whereas the posterior approach involves operating from the back of the patient. Ultimately, screws are placed on the patient’s spine to correct his posture. A week of complete bed rest is required for recovery.
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