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Are you suffering from Heel pain? Here are the important points you need to know


A condition known as Plantar fascia caused by the inflammation of the band tissues under the foot.

Around 83% of active adults experience plantar fascia at some point in their life.[1]
➢ Requires medical attention
➢ Requires physical examination and x-ray scanning
➢ Risk factors include Obesity and excessive stress.
➢ 90% of patients feel better after a period of 9-12 months of non-surgical treatment.
Heel pain is most often caused by a faulty structure of the foot. People with high arched feet or overly flat feet are more prone to developing heel pain. Using unsupportive footwear causes abnormal strain on the plantar fascia leading to heel pain.
Ages affected: 8 to 14 years– common, 36 - 59 years- more common, 60 years and above - most common.


People may experience
● Pain under the heel
● Pain in the arch of the foot
● Pain that increases upon rising
● Swelling on the underside of the heel


Self-care: Stretching the calf muscles will help in reducing pain. Applying ice pack on the pain area and wearing shoes that have good structural support helps in the recovery.
Medications: Painkillers and ointments can be used as prescribed by your doctor for quick healing.
Specialists: In case the condition persists surgery would be required. Get an appointment with mfine for a wide range of specialized treatments to live a healthy life.

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