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Can Hairline Fracture be Treated in a Short Span of Time?


Multiple small cracks that develop inside the bone of the foot due to repetitive jumping and rough impact at the same point.

Women are at a greater risk of a hairline fracture in comparison with men. [1]

• Can occur in both genders of all ages.
• Proper medical assistance is required.
• Usually chronic, but acute in nature.

Hairline fractures are small cracks developed within the bone of the foot usually caused by extensive repetitive jumping on that same spot. They are hard to spot at first and are usually caused by the onset of some other condition such as bunions or even lack of nutrients that leads to this condition.


• Swelling – there is a massive swelling at the affected area and even warm on touch.
• Change in color – the color of skin changes in the affected region depending on the intensity of the fracture.
• Tenderness – the affected region becomes hard and tender on touch.


• Self-care – try to apply some ice and take a lot of rest to suffice to the recovery of the foot.
• Medication – intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications help in the overall swelling problems.
• Specialist – consult a doctor on the severity of the injury. At mfine we give you the best care and treatment possible to relieve you from the condition as soon as possible.

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