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Gouty Arthritis: How Can One Identify the Onset of Gout?


A condition in which there is swelling and sudden onset of pain in the joints.

There are about 8.4 million people in America alone who happen to be affected by gout.(1)

- Is chronic and acute.
- Can affect both men and women of all ages.
- Requires medical assistance for further rectification.
- Laboratory tests need to be conducted.

The condition of gouty arthritis is the state in which there is sudden onset of pain and discomfort that is felt in the joints. However, this particularly happens on the sides of the toe. It is a condition where you can suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and feel that your toe in on fire, and you can find it to be severely swollen as well. The causes might be because of excess production of uric acid in the body such that it accumulates on the sides of the toes for the condition to arise.


Joint pains – There is a lot of pains in the joints and also redness and inflammation can be observed.
Discomfort – There are constant attacks of pain from the joints, and there is a continuous sense of discomfort as well.
Limited motion – The movement of the joints is limited because of inflammation.


Self-care – Having more fluid and intake of a balanced diet can give you a fighting chance in the rectification of gout.
Medication – Intake of inflammation supplements under medical supervision is advised.

Specialist – Rush to the hospital, when there is the sensation of pain and discomfort in joints. At mfine, we rectify the condition and provide the necessary treatments for complete removal of the problem.

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