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Fractured nasal bone: Symptoms & Treatment


A broken bone or a cracked bone in the nose.

It is very common and almost 1 million cases are reported every year in India.

  • Requires diagnosis and care from specialists
  • Can be treated with surgery too. Lab tests often required.
  • Can be caused due to a sports injury or an accident
  • Is a painful condition and could cause difficulty in breathing

Nasal bone fracture is also called as a broken nose or a cracked nose and results in the dislocation of the nose (the nose appears to have been moved a bit or appears crooked).

Ages affected- Particularly in males between 15 – 30 years


The nose might look crooked and (or) there might be swelling on the nose. In case any of these symptoms are present, contact a doctor right away.

People may experience

  • Swelling on the nose
  • Black eyes
  • Difficulty in breathing through the nose
  • Tenderness


Self-care: Exercise care while going about your daily activities and avoid allergens and irritants that could cause problems in your nasal passage.

Medications: If the fracture is not that severe, it is recommended to take antibiotics or decongestant as required and guided by a physician.

Specialists: If the fracture is severe, it is required to undergo a surgery which may include a septoplasty(nose job).

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