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Disc Prolapse: Symptoms and Cure


A condition in which the soft material of the spinal cord ruptures out through a tear into the tougher exterior.

Almost 70% of people have disc bulges when viewed with MRI scans.

- Requires medical diagnosis when the pain is severe
- Lab test (or) Imaging are often required
- People experience no symptoms in some cases
- Approximately 6 weeks is required for recovery.
The risk of the condition mentioned above increases with age. As you age, the water content in your spinal disks depletes making them less flexible. As a result, they are prone to wear and tear even from minor impacts.


They are self-diagnosable and include muscle weakness, inability to lift weights, numbness or tingling sensation.

People may experience:
Pain areas: In the arm, back, foot or leg
Muscular: Muscle weakness, muscle spasms or overactive reflexes
Sensory: Leg numbness, pin and needle or uncomfortable tingling


Self Care: Take lots of rest. Apply heat pad, and incorporate mild physical exercises into your routine.

Medications: Muscle relaxers, Anticonvulsants and OTC medications can be taken as per your doctor's prescription.
Specialists: Surgery is needed in extreme cases. Here at Mfine, we use state of the art equipment for performing surgeries and other operations to help you get rid of your health disorders.

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