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Learn About the Degenerative Changes in Your Spine


Degenerative Changes in the spine refers to the Degenerative Disk Disease, which causes pain in the lower part of your back, referred to Lumbosacral (LS) Spine.

Low back pain affects approximately 60–85% of adults during some point in their lives. (1)

1. Treated by a Medical Professional
2. Lab Tests and Imaging Required
3. Chronic - Can last for a lifetime

It is caused due to thinning of the disks in the spine, which causes it to lose strength. It a progressive condition that happens over time from wear and tear, and injuries.


1. Pain that affects the lower back but may extend to other parts of your body like the legs and buttocks, to your necks and arms.
2. Experiences of severe pain may alternate with no pain at all.


Home-based treatment involves using hot and cold packs, and specific movement based exercises which imparts strength and flexibility.

1. An anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen, acetaminophen may help reduce pain and inflammation.
2. In cases of severe pain, they should be replaced with prescription strength drug.
3. Steroid shots may be injected directly to reduce pain and inflammation.

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