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Cramp and Spasm: Ways You Can Avoid It


Cramps and spasms affect specific muscles and results in pain and tightness of the affected muscles. They are involuntary contractions affecting one or more muscles. The muscles affected more often by spasms are the calf muscles.

In most cases, the probability of occurrence of cramps is highest at night. [1]

- This can affect one or more muscles simultaneously
- Some of the reasons the spasms occur are the lack of potassium or magnesium in the diet or something more serious like an injury to the spinal cord
- It is a self-diagnosable condition
- Though it can affect all age groups, older people are more prone.

Some medications may also increase the severity of the condition.
Cramps are common occurrences and though not very serious, can be troublesome as they are very likely to catch us off guard.


The most common symptoms are the hardness or tightness of the muscle.

Other symptoms include:
- Involuntary contractions
- Acute pain in the affected muscle
- Muscle fatigue


Self-care: Some measures that can be taken to keep off the cramps:
- Gentle massaging
- Warm compressing
- Keeping good hydration levels in the body
- Eating well-balanced diet

Although the causes of cramps can be many, ranging from dehydration to poor blood circulation or even lack of exercise, these can all be treated under supervision of an expert.
- Stretching
- Bathing in Epsom salt
- Rubbing Ice

Specialists: mfine team of experts work toward providing treatment programs and exercises, which will benefit you and help keep the cramps away.

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